More than 120 cases of lung disease in 15 US states could be related to vaping

At least 15 states have identified more than 120 cases of lung diseases or injuries that could be related to vaping, according to state health departments. The states with most cases include... Read more »

Trump has frozen aid to Ukraine for political reasons, admits the White House

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted Thursday that the Trump administration has blocked military aid to Ukraine, among other things, to force the country to investigate the Democrats, contradicting... Read more »

the senate could determine the fate of Donald Trump

What will be the duration of the political saga that begins in Washington? Impossible to say. But if the procedure continues to the end, the final scene is already known. In the... Read more »

Prince Andrew rejects relationship with Epstein scandal

Prince Andrew of Great Britain rejected the insinuations that have come out again that he could have been involved in the alleged sexual crimes of financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was his friend.... Read more »

12 immigrant employees dismissed from Trump Golf Club in New York

A dozen immigrant workers were fired this month from one of President Donald Trump’s golf clubs in New York even though managers knew for years that they were not allowed to be... Read more »