Mike Kekich And Fritz Peterson The Trade Movie Drama

Leave it to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to bring to the screen a controversial film based on two baseball players who swapped families in the 1970 causing havoc to the NY Yankees.

The movie called “The Trade” is penned by Affleck and his brother and focuses on former Yankees Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson who as a joke decided in 1972 to actually switch wives and families causing a scandal that rocked the sports industry and country.

According to the story Peterson swapped his wife Marilyn their two kids and a poodle for Kekich’s wife Susan their two kids and a terrier.

Ben and Casey Affleck are writing the movie and about the aftermath of the scandal and it’s rumored that Kekich who now has a new family is not pleased with the idea of turning that incident into a movie and might try to get it blocked from production.

With the pre production controversy already in the works the movie is sure to garner lots of press along the way.

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